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How to Survive the E-Business Downturn

Автор:  Colin Barrow
Тематика:Книги на английском языке
Название Интернет-магазина Сделать заказ

Paperback (July 2001) How to Survive the E-Business Downturn is a must for all those internet entrepreneurs, myself included, who are running, or planning to start-up an e-business at a time when online ventures are facing violent changes and where failure is more common than success. The book showedd me how to use proven management tools and concepts, adapted in ways that suit my e-businesses in order to keep it thriving in such a fluctuating marketplace. The intro to the book explains in depth just what is currently happening in the world of e-business and gives enough background for readers to understand the essence of the subject. Set out in parts, with each part having five or six separate chapters, making it easier to follow without having to tackle large chunks of text! There is also an excellent list of references to enable readers to take on further readings on anything discussed. The author draws on a host of real-life, uptodate cases and supports his advice with numerous action plans and checklists. This book advises in a stepbystep format, the potential (or existing) e-businessperson what to do to develop a successful e-business, but also warns of what not to do! It is interesting to read about what companies, or even individual people, have done that has made them either successful or unsuccessful in the Internet World of business.

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