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Digital Texturing & Painting

Автор:  Owen Demers, Christine Urszenyi (Editor), George Maestri (Editor)
Тематика:Книги на английском языке
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352 pages
From Book News, Inc.
Owen has worked for a number of commercial and professional studios in both traditional and computer graphics. Fascinated by textures, he presents this guide teaching digital artists how to explore and understand textures in the real world, to enhance the recreation of such textures in both digital and traditional methods. The initial chapters cover a number of visual basics--how to look and what to look at, color theory, and an examination of twelve well- known paintings putting theory into practice. The remaining chapters focus on how the digital artist uses this knowledge, by taking the reader through the steps of a specific visual project. The accompanying CD-ROM contains all the files needed to complete the exercises contained in the text.Book News, Inc.®, Portland, OR
From the Publisher
If you are involved in the world of 3D in any way?or even if you"re simply a student of art and design theory?please take a look at this book. It"s an amazing piece of work, exploring the theory and practice of applying texturing maps and paint effects to models and scenes. Yet somehow that doesn"t do the book justice, possibly because author Owen Demers grounds his discussion in such solid fundamental ground that the book comes off as equal parts museum catalog, art school text, and... read more

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