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Epica Fifteen

Автор:  Ava Publishing, Publishing Ava, AVA Publishing
Тематика:Книги на английском языке
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368 pages Journalists from 30 leading magazines have judged these ads the very best! Advertisements can be enormously witty, elegant, beautiful, and imaginative, as every one of the more than 500 pictured here prove. Taken from print, publications, Internet sites, direct marketing organizations, and packaging design projects, they are all winners, finalists, and high scorers in the Epica competition, Europe"s premier creative awards show. Each one takes an innovative approach to making its product irresistible to the consumer, and is divided by topic: food and drink, consumer services, the home, health & beauty, automotive, business to business, fashion, and more. The lavish and generous photographs even manage to capture ads that unfolded in several images, so you can follow the story they"re telling. With the agency, creative director, copywriter, art director, photographer, and client all listed, this also becomes the foremost "who"s who" of talent in Europe. all in color

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