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EVA and Value-Based Management: A Practical Guide to Implementation

Автор:  S. David Young, Stephen F. O"Byrne
Тематика:Книги на английском языке
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493 pages In writing this book, we have striven to provide a fair and balanced assessment of EVA/VBM implementation, covering failures as well as successes. We also provide a strategic overview for the general manage­ment reader and a full and complete discussion of technical methodol­ogies for professionals tasked with managing the actual implementation process. The book is not intended to be a "teaser," which tries to tell you just enough to whet your appetite so if you want to know more you will have to hire us as your consultants. We aim to be as comprehensive in our treatment of the subject as possible. There are limits to what we can tell you, mainly because of client confidentiality and the fact that some of the industry-specific nature of our experiences would not be of interest to a wide audience, but for the most part, the secrets of the trade as we understand them are revealed here. We try to hold nothing back.

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Книги » EVA and Value-Based Management: A Practical Guide to Implementation