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Provence Style: The Art of Home Decoration

Автор:  Noelle Duck, Christian Sarramon, Christian Samarron
Тематика:Книги на английском языке
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188 pages This beautifully illustrated volume brings the essence of Provence to home décor. Nothing about a true provencal house is accidental. The stone for the walls is faded by centuries of sun, the fabrics for table or bed come from local designers working in a centuries old tradition, the pottery and glasses to eat and drink from are the product of local craftsmen. This celebrated way of life is a result of the work of hundreds of artisans who still produce the elements of a home in the traditional ways. Indoors and out, readers will find here the elements to bring the style of the south of France into their own homes, from furniture to textiles and fabrics, and from faience pottery to beautiful metalwork. Also covered are architectural elements including stairways, railings, floors, moldings, fireplaces, chimneys, roofs and ceilings. And for the outdoors-gardens, walls and patios. Combining history with details of the methods of craftsmen, and inspirational photography with practical details Provence Style celebrates the true French country style that is perennially popular, a style that is at once rustic and sophisticated, and both traditional and elegant. Not all provencal houses are alike of course, and this book goes into detail about the best way to decorate a range of houses from grand villas to country houses, and from small cottages to houses in town. Each section of the book shows a variety of authentic approaches to different house types which can be applied here to bring the charm of a sun drenched provencal room to any house.

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